Values are at the heart of QES. They are central to our lives here. They inform our actions; they govern our impulses; they promote our outlook; and they bind our relationships. The QES Values, simple irrefutable beliefs, have evolved over 400 years to govern the life of our community and to shape the lives of individuals not only while at QES but in years to come. They are what is special about a QES education: for the whole person, for all of a life.

Our Values

Scholarship & Care

...has been our motto since 1591. It's simple: children can't learn unless they're happy, safe and well. Here at QES we care deeply about every one of our pupils and will do everything we can to wrap that care around them whenever they need it. With love and support our pupils achieve remarkable success in their learning whilst growing into well-rounded young people ready to take their place in the world.


It's great teaching - experienced, committed, ambitious, creative - which promotes Learning at QES. It's why exam results, for all groups and at all levels, are consistently excellent. But Learning isn't confined to classrooms or even to the curriculum. It's there in so many varied activities which enrich our school lives. And it's there everyday when we learn to work with a set of values; when we learn to respect and care for each other; when we learn how best to make our contribution to the world.

Successful Learning